Wayne Graham
Wayne Graham is an internationally touring folk/rock band from Whitesburg, KY. They will be releasing their 7th full length record this year on K&F Records from Dresden, Germany. www.waynegraham.co
Born Cross Eyed
Grateful Dead tribute band from KY. Founded in 1991 by Deadheads for everyone! If this ain't the real thing, it's close enough to pretend!
Grateful Sunday
Lee Owen leads a celebration of the Grateful Dead every Sunday night in Lexington, KY
Triple Crown
Bluegrass from the heart of Kentucky
Brandon Bowlds - Manolin/Banjo
Roddy Puckett -Bass
Lee Owen - Guitar
Knot Dreaded
We are a reggae band from Lexington, Ky celebrating the life and music of Bob Marley. Contact us for your celebration. One love!
Owsley County
Formerly Very Garcia Band. Dino English, Lee Owen, Roddy Puckett, Brad Slutskin, Jenny Adkins and Katherine Adams.
Puck Owens
Roddy Puckett and Lee Owen Duo
Captain Wingnut & The Burnt Ends
John-Paul Nowak (drums), Lee Owen (guitar) and Roddy Puckett (bass)
I play everything from rock to bluegrass. Contact me about playing your private event!